Cat fur – fur colors, their names and meanings

Do you know how the fur colors of cats are created? Do you know the meaning behind the terms like tabby, point and tortoiseshell? If not, then this post is just the thing. It clearly shows which coat colors occur in our house cats, what they look like and how they are created.


The happiness of the earth is on the back of horses. But this quote could only be coined in modern times. Because in the beginning,…

Cat breeds

Our cats today are all originally descended from wild cats. Over the centuries, very different breeds of cats have emerged. On our cat breed page you will find all profiles in alphabetical order.

Dog breeds

Dog breeds are almost as many as sand by the sea. Not surprising, since the dog has been one of the most loyal companions of man for thousands of years. What dog breeds there are and how they were created, you can read here.

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Cat breeds in detail

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