Living together with cats

As nice as it is to share your life with a house cat and as cozy as a purring ball of fur is, snuggling up to you on the couch in the evening, it can be stressful when there are problems living together.

Therefore, we have created a lot of guides, tips and tricks about living with cats and compiled them on this overview page. We start with the purchase of a cat and go into all the questions that everyone should ask themselves before they take in a house cat.

But it’s not always peace and quiet. That’s why we also give tips in case of uncleanliness and urine marking and describe different ways how you can remove cat urine. Not to forget our guides against New Year’s Eve stress as well as for the terrible case that your darling has disappeared.

If you realize that living with cats consists of more than sleeping, eating and cuddling, then nothing can really go wrong. Because even if cats don’t want to go for a walk on a regular basis, you can relieve boredom by a few tricks and educational measures, especially for purely apartment cats. As with dogs, a busy house cat is a happy cuddly cat.

With our tips you will manage to live a harmonious life with your new god ;-)

Cat run away – what to do?

It is a terrible situation when the beloved animal family member is suddenly gone. In this guide, you will find tips on what to do if the worst happens and how to take precautions so that your runaway cat can be identified more quickly.