DIY: Sew triangle scarf yourself – as a dog scarf or relaxation signal

A bandana on a dog just looks cute – doesn’t it? But to find the right triangle scarf is not so easy. After all, it should be neither too tight nor too loose. With this simple sewing tutorial I show you how you can easily sew your four-legged friend such a dog scarf itself.

Triangle scarves are versatile

Triangle scarves not only look very cute on furry noses, but they can also be used as a relaxation signal with a little training. If you have a dog that is afraid of driving or the vet, for example, you can provide relaxation in stressful situations with such a cloth and the appropriate scent. But first, let’s start sewing your dog scarf.

Sew dog scarf – materials

You will need the following materials for the scarf for your dog:

You can also use an old newspaper as paper. For the fabrics are suitable discarded clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads or the like. This means that the costs are purely for consumables and thus probably less than 5 euros.

The time you need depends on your experience and skill, of course, but should be less than an hour, even for beginners.

Das fertige Dreieckstuch

Sewing a triangle scarf yourself is easier to do than you think.

Total Time: 45 minutes

Step 1: What you need for the dog scarf

Stecknadeln, Schere, Kreide und Maßband

First of all, you should know that this scarf is really quite simple to sew and you don’t even need a sewing machine for it, actually. Of course, this will make it a little faster, but the needle and thread will be quite enough. For the fabric, you can either buy one or use a discarded blouse, tablecloth, pillowcase or whatever else you can get your hands on.
You’ll also need fabric scissors, a tape measure, pins, tailor’s chalk, paper and thread or yarn.

Step 2: Measuring the triangle cloth

First, you need a template so you can cut the fabric. To ensure that the triangle scarf fits well, you must first measure the neck circumference of your dog. Now add 20 to 25 cm to this value – depending on the size of your four-legged friend. Let’s assume that your cat has a neck circumference of 50 cm, which results in a total length of 75 cm. So that the triangle scarf does not reach too far down, I chose a height of about 20 to 22 cm.

Step 3: Make pattern dog holding cloth

Fertige Dir aus Papier oder einer alten Zeitung eine Schablone im Sto

Now you can make your pattern for the dog scarf as a template. To make it a little easier for you and save paper, we’ll prepare the template in the fabric fold. For this you halve the determined length. So in our case we come to 37.5 cm. That’s how wide the paper (or an old newspaper) must be. Now measure down about 20 cm and draw a line from there to the starting point (see drawing). Cut the whole thing out and your stencil is ready.

Step 4: Cutting fabric 1

Die Schablone für dein Dreieckstuch legst du im Stoffbruch auf den Stoff.

Next, cut your two triangles to size. Since our dog scarf can later be worn from both sides, we need two blanks. Fold your fabric in half so that it is doubled. Now place the template with the 20 cm side against the edge and pin it in place. Now cut out the triangle and unfold it and you have your triangle scarf with the desired dimensions.

Step 5: Cutting fabric 2

Nach dem Zuschneiden hast du zwei gleich große Dreiecke für dein Dreieckstuch.

Do the same thing a second time with the other fabric. So later you have a triangle scarf for your dog with two different sides.

Step 6: Pinning

Die Stoffe für dein Dreieckstuch rechts auf rechts zusammenstecken und eine Wendeöffnung markieren.

Once both pieces are finished, you can pin the triangles together right sides together so that the pretty side is on the inside. Now use the tailor’s chalk to mark a turning opening. This is the part that closes last, after you’ve flipped the triangle scarf. My turning opening is about 4 cm.

Step 7: Sew dog scarf

Nähe den Stoff deines Dreieckstuches mit einer Nahtzugabe von 0,7 cm zusammen.

Now it goes to the sewing machine or needle and thread. Starting at the turn opening, sew both layers together until you reach the turn opening. I used a seam allowance of about 0.7 cm.

Step 8: The finished seam

Die fertige Naht deines Dreieckstuches

This is what the finished seam of your triangle scarf looks like.

Step 9: Cut back and turn

Schneide nun die Nahtzugabe von deinem Dreieckstuch zurück.

You can now trim back the seam allowance a bit. Make sure you don’t catch the seam, though. Turn the triangle scarf by pulling the fabric through your turning opening. Now the dog towel is almost ready.

Step 10: Close the turning opening

Wendeöffnung schließen und fertig ist das Dreieckstuch.

The last thing you need to do is close the turning opening. For this you can simply use a non-visible mattress stitch. And already the triangle scarf is ready!

Estimated Cost: 5 EUR


  • Verbrauchsmaterialien sind Schneiderkreide, Papier und Faden bzw. Garn


  • Stoffschere
  • Maßband
  • Stecknadeln
  • Nähmaschine oder Nadel & Faden

Materials: 2 verschiedene Stoffe

Tip: relaxation training with the dog scarf sewn by yourself

You can use the triangle scarf for your dog not only as a fashion accessory. Used correctly, it can help your furry friend relax better in certain situations. The technical term for this is conditioned relaxation. In this training, your dog learns to associate certain signals or objects, like the bandana with the relaxation state.

In very simplified terms, it goes like this: if your dog is very relaxed right now because he has lain down or is being cuddled by you, you can take the triangular scarf with him. You can also pet him with it or just put it next to him. Repeat this several times until your dog has associated the scarf with relaxation.

You see that such a triangular scarf is easy and cheap to make yourself and can be used in many ways. As ran to the machine or needle and thread and simply sew a dog scarf itself.

Have you already sewn or made something for your dog?
Then tell us what it was exactly and how your four-legged friend reacted.
We are happy about every comment and wishes and suggestions for our DIY projects.


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