Tick remedies for dogs: different options & their effect

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In the warm season your dog is covered with ticks after every walk? Then you need a good tick protection! The choice of tick remedies for dogs is now huge. Here you can find an overview of the individual products and read about how they work and which products really help in the fight against the pesky pests.

Ticks are nasty & dangerous

Tick season runs from spring through fall and can often get on a dog owner’s last nerve. Especially in high temperatures, some dogs are true tick magnets and bring home many of the small parasites after a walk in the woods.

Apart from the fact that the little bloodsuckers are quite disgusting, they can also be carriers of various pathogens. A tick bite can therefore sometimes trigger very dangerous diseases, for example an Lyme disease / meningitis , an ehrlichiosis or the anaplasmosis.

A good prophylaxis as protection against the pests is therefore a must to protect your dog and you from a tick infestation and prevent the risk of infection.

Tick remedies for dogs: these variants are available

The choice of tick remedies for dogs is wide. Essentially, four variants of tick repellent can be distinguished: Spot-on preparations, tick collars, chewable tablets and sprays.

All these tick remedies for dogs, however, differed again significantly by the active ingredients used and active principles.

In addition to ticks, most anti-tick products are also effective against fleas, hair lice, sand flies and other parasites.

Here you can find a more detailed overview:

Spot-on preparations against ticks

Spot-ons are widely used as tick protection for dogs. They are applied to the skin along the dog’s back line every 4 to 8 weeks during tick season. The active ingredients are then released into the skin’s oily film and spread over the body.

These preparations usually provide effective treatment to protect against tick infestation. They are available with different active ingredients.

Spot-ons with insecticides, such as those from Advantix, are usually repellent and acaricidal. That is, on the one hand, they have a deterrent effect on ticks and fleas and thus prevent a tick bite. Secondly, they kill parasites within 24 to 48 hours after initial contact, thus preventing the transmission of pathogens.

After applying a spot-one, direct skin contact with the dog should be avoided for approximately 12 hours. After that, petting is not a problem, but you should wash your hands afterwards.

Spot-ons are usually well tolerated by the dog. In rare cases allergic reactions may occur.

In addition to spot-ons with insecticides, there are also preparations with purely herbal active ingredients that often work via scented extracts and essential oils. The effectiveness of these remedies is not proven, so here a veterinary consultation may be useful.

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Tick collars

In the case of tick collars, the active ingredients contained are also passed on to the skin through the fur and are thus distributed over the dog’s body.

The handling is very simple, because the collars, such as Seresto, usually provides protection against ticks for up to 8 months and so long does not need to be renewed.

Tick collars are also available with different active ingredients. They usually have equally deterrent and killing effect and reliably protect against ticks.

Allergic reactions in dogs are rare.

Even with tick collars, there are manufacturers who rely on fragrances or essential oils. Similarly, some dog owners rely on amber collars or collars with EM ceramics. An effect is also not proven here, so you should pay close attention to good reviews.

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Sprays against ticks

A spray against ticks act similar to spot-ons and spread in the fur and greasy film of the skin.

The active ingredients are usually also insecticides that kill or paralyze ticks. There are also sprays with plant fragrances or essential oils.

With these, an effect is questionable, so you should also pay attention to good reviews here or seek advice.

Tick sprays are easy to apply and simple to spray on.

In rare cases, they can also cause allergic reactions in dogs. Should this be the case, the spray can be easily washed off.

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Chewable tablets against ticks

For some time now there are also chewable tablets for dogs, which are effective against ticks and fleas. The protection provided by these tablets is based on the fact that the parasites die during the bite due to the insecticide active ingredient in the dog’s blood.

This can prevent the transmission of diseases.

However, there are also chewable tablets that contain natural extracts, such as garlic or black cumin oil.

The advantage of the tablets is the uncomplicated application. They only need to be administered once every 8 to 12 weeks.

However, reports of side effects are accumulating with insecticide tablets, some of which are very serious. Since the active ingredient is then already spread throughout the bloodstream, treatment becomes difficult in the case of allergic reactions.

Therefore, be sure to consult your veterinarian for advice and information on possible side effects.

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Age and weight of the dog play a role

Depending on the active ingredients, in the tick remedy for dogs, your dog should have reached a certain age before getting the collar or remedy.

Many agents should not be used until 12 weeks of age. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions here if you have a puppy!

Some tick remedies are also not suitable for dogs weighing less than 2 kg. This is what you should look for if you have a small breed dog, such as a Chihuahua or Jack Russell Terrier have.

Allergies and intolerances must be taken into account!

Before buying the tick repellent for your dog, you should think over whether your dog has allergies or intolerances. Because these can cause problems with certain tick remedies.

If your dog has any intolerances or allergies, it’s best to talk to your vet about appropriate tick protection.

Attention with cats in the household! Tick repellents can be toxic!

If you also have a cat as a pet, special care is needed when choosing a tick repellent. This is because some active ingredients such as permethrin or deltamethrin, which are well tolerated by dogs, are toxic to cats and can cause serious poisoning.

Therefore, inform yourself before buying, whether the ingredients are safe for your cat!

Tick remedy for bathing dogs

If your dog likes to bathe or go in the water, you should take that into consideration when choosing a tick repellent.

Especially some tick collars have a lethal effect not only on parasites, but also have an impact on fish, insects and aquatic organisms. For these, they can also be fatal.

Therefore, you should note that your dog does not go swimming when wearing such a tick collar. If he is eager to get into the water, you should remove the collar or rely on waterproof tick repellent.

Frequently asked questions

Which tick remedy is the best for the dog?

It all depends on your dog, his age, size and any allergies. Spot-ons and tick collars with insecticides work mostly ehr well. It is best to ask your door doctor what is best for your dog.

What really keeps ticks away from my dog?

For each dog, a different remedy works particularly well. As a rule, however, a good spot-on or tick collar, e.g. from Advantix or Seresto, helps very well against ticks.

What do veterinarians recommend against ticks?

It all depends on the animal in question. It is best to ask your veterinarian what tick protection is best for an animal. From tick collar, to spot-on, to tick spray, everything is possible.

How dangerous are tick remedies for dogs?

Tick collars are not dangerous for humans. Allergic reactions can sometimes occur in cats and dogs. However, this usually happens very rarely.

What tick repellent do you use on your dog?
What are your experiences with it?
We are always happy to receive testimonials, questions and any comments.


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